Thank you for your interest in our Club.

The NBPC Management Committee has decided that it will pause taking new persons wanting to do their P650 Safety Training Course until 1 May 2020. This will allow the Club to finalise the supervision and NSW FAR requirements of the present 30 probationary members.

We are still happy to discuss the sport and give you a look around the ranges, we can also take your details and contact you when we open our training again. To arrange just phone our Secretary or drop into the club around 9:15 am on a Saturday.

You will first need to contact the club preferably in person and at the office speak to a Committee member. If someone is available an informal chat about the club, target shooting and legislative requirements can be undertaken. If no one is available an appointment can be made for a mutually convenient time.

JUNIOR MEMBERSHIP available for juniors from 12 years of age, with parental consent.

If, once learning about the club and the requirements and responsibilities of firearms ownership you would like to try pistol shooting this can be arranged.

You need to book a date and time for this event, between 10am and 12 noon. You will be required to complete a P650 declaration and providing the declaration is acceptable, you will then be allowed to shoot under extreme supervision of the club’s Captain, Vice Captain or nominated person.

Currently the fee for this is $50 (refunded if you subsequently join the club) you must wear covered in footwear.  Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) being ear and eye protection and a hi-viz vest will be supplied by the club.

The shooting experience will last approximately an hour and include:

1. Full safety brief

2. Practical safety with a pistol

3. Target shooting under one on one supervision

4. Finally and optionally, a general discussion covering all aspects of pistol shooting and any other questions that may have arisen during your target shooting.

Note: Supervised shooting (including P650) is not available on the 3rd Saturday of each month to allow supervisors to shoot is the club competitions.