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The government has announced certain  requirements for people travelling regarding Covid 19 and has classified countries according to risk. High risk Countries are China Iran Italy and South Korea.
Moderate Risk Countries are Cambodia, Hong Kong Indonesia, Singapore and Thailand.
The Government requires self Isolation for 2 weeks and monitoring of health for people travelling from or through high risk countries when they return home.

The RACGP – The Royal Australian College of General Practitioners

Recommends the following for people travelling from or through Moderate Risk Countries.

 “All returned travelers who have traveled in or transited through the remaining listed higher risk countries or a country considered to pose a moderate risk of transmission in the last 14 days should self-monitor for symptoms, practice social distancing and immediately isolate themselves if they become unwell.
Social distancing includes:
Avoiding crowds and mass gatherings
Avoiding small gatherings in enclosed spaces,
 for e.g., family celebrations
Keeping a distance of 1.5 metres between themselves and other people when out and about in public.”
Club members who are travelling to or through Moderate Risk countries to practice social distancing and monitor their health for 14 days before returning to the NBPC.

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