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NBPC Collectors Club

The next meeting will be at the NBPC Clubhouse starting at 9am on Saturday 28th November. The meeting will include a  “Show, Tell & Sell” event as well. Further details will be available at the clubhouse.

2020-21 Annual Club Fees

Club fees need to be paid by the end of October, however early payment is appreciated. The committee has again decided not to increase club fees and they will remain the same as 2019-20 at $310 FOR NEW MEMBERS. However, for EXISTING MEMBERS there has been a reduction of $40 due to COVID so your […]


After lengthy delays and negotiations between NSWAPSA, NSW Department of Sport and NSW Health the Nelson Bay Pistol Club (NBPC) is pleased to advise that it will reopen on Saturday 4 July 2020 but with Members having to follow the NSW Health Covid-19 Health Rules. The Regulations, Rules and NBPC procedures are set out below: […]

Five Ways Shooting Makes You a Better Person

Re-posted from: // Call us biased, but here at Grycol we believe that recreational shooting is good medicine for the mind, body and soul. Not only are there a number of physical benefits to getting outside and enjoying the sport, but we reckon it does a world of good for strengthening character and integrity as well. […]

Down Range


Elected for 2019 - 2020


A Brief History

In May 1994, some residents at Nelson Bay gathered to discuss forming a Pistol Club.

In 1995, the council approved of a site fo be included in the sporting fields for this purpose and in March 1996, the land owner gave approval and a Certificate was granted from the Environment Protection Authority.

An innaugural meeting was then held on the 2nd of April 1996, and was addressed by Rob Boucher of the NSW APA and subsequently permission was given by Newcastle Pistol Club for Nelson Bay Pistol Club members to utilize their ranges for club organised shoots. For a few years, the then captain Leighton Woods, who sadly passed away in 2013, attended twice weekly with members for this purpose.

In February 1998, an interview was arranged with the then Minister for Lands, Richard Amery, in an endeavour to obtain a lease as a "peppercorn rate". However, in another meeting with the Lands Dept, it was necessary to apply for lease and in that year the Club was incorporated.

Also during this time, negotiations was in progress in regard to native title and with the support of the Worimi and Maaingal people, and the help of the Lands Department, the Club was able to obtain the lease directly.

To date, Government Grants in excess of $80,000 have been received through the Sports and Recreation Department which has enabled the club to construct an amenities building, office and the ranges with voluntary work by the club members.

At present, the club has over 100 members.

There is also a Collectors Club which meets twice a year and is run by Neill Gillott.For more information on the Collectors Club or collecting in general please contact the Club Secretary.

The club has conducted work to improve the club facilities throughout the years and this continues as we upgrade and maintain the premises. We currently have three operational ranges with a fourth range nearing completion.

Contact Information

  •  Club Secretary:

    ph 0400 388 873

  •   Club Armourer:

    ph 0418  476  684

  •   4967 Nelson Bay Rd, Nelson Bay (see Find Us)
  • Mail: PO Box 518 Nelson Bay NSW 2315
  • The best way to contact us is in Person at the range Saturday 10-12pm



Monday & Thursday    9:00am to 9:45am

Saturday 9.30am to 12 Noon


The range is open for members five days a week:


Monday 10am - 5pm


Thursdays 10am - 5pm

Friday 10am - 5pm

Saturday 10am - 5pm

(Registered Shooting 10am - Midday)

Sunday 10am - 5pm


Note: (a) Supervised shooting is not available on the 3rd Saturday of each month to allow supervisors to shoot is the club competitions.

Note: (b) On shooting days the club generally closes at midday, however, members who have an access key may shoot until 5pm. (2 must be present).

Note: (c) Range Procedure, In accordance with NSWAPA and Club Rules.


There is a committee member in attendance at the club: Saturday between 10am and 12 noon. 

Find Us

Best way to describe this is to drive along Nelson Bay Road, where there is a council depot. The club is behind the Council depot.
 Enter the street that is between the council depot and the football grounds.
If you are heading towards Nelson Bay the club is located on your left just past the major football field and before you reach the Council Depot. If you reach the Gan Gan Road turn off you have gone too far.
The turn off is on your right if you’re driving towards Salamander Bay or heading to Newcastle from Nelson Bay.
If you use Google Maps you can put in 4967 Nelson Bay Road, Nelson Bay and it will indicate where the turn off to the club is located.



Frequently Asked Questions

Can I try shooting without joining the Club?

Yes - Any person who wishes to try pistol shooting will need to book a date and time for this event, the time will normally be on a Saturday between 10am and 12 midday. You will be required to complete a P650 declaration and providing the declaration is acceptable, you will then be allowed to shoot under extreme supervision of the club's Captain, Vice Captain or nominated person.

FOR INQUIRIES/BOOKINGS phone the Club Captain:

Warren West on 0412 259 659


Currently the fee for this is $50 (refunded if you subsequently join the club) you must wear covered in footwear and supplied P.P.E (Personal Protective Equipment) ear and eye protection and a hi-viz vest.

The shooting experience will last approximately an hour and include:

1. Full safety briefing

2. Practical safety with a pistol

3. Target shooting under one to one supervision

4. Finally an optional general discussion covering all aspects of pistol shooting and if required, how to join Nelson Bay Pistol Club.

What is the minimum age to join?

Junior membership is available for those from 12 years of age and up, with appropriate parental consent.

How much will it cost to join?

The annual cost  for an adult member is $310 however as a new member there is an additional $100 joining fee. So the total to join is $410.

Fees for a Junior Member are $108 pa plus joining fee.

All fees are calculated from October 1st  to September 30th and if you join during the year the fees will pro rata by calendar.

Further details are available on request.

How do I get a pistol licence?

All persons wishing to obtain a firearms licence in NSW must have a genuine reason to obtain the licence. Being an active member of a Sports/Target pistol club is a genuine reason.

A thorough Police check of the applicant is also carried out to ensure that they are of a suitable character to hold a licence.

Certification of current membership of an approved target shooting club by a club official must be provided. The genuine reason form has provision for this certification by a club official or you may send a copy of your current club membership card with your application.

If you have never held a Category H Sport/Target Shooting firearms licence, you will be issued a Probationary Pistol Licence for one year prior to being issued with your category H licence.

There are restrictions on the acquisition of handguns for Probationary Pistol Licence holders. For the first six months of the Probationary Pistol Licence you may only possess & use a pistol under the supervision of the holder of a Category H Sport/Target Shooting Licence and only on the premises of an approved pistol shooting club - section 16A(2)(a)(i) of the Firearms Act 1996.

If all this sounds confusing don't worry as an active member of the Nelson Bay Pistol Club we will provide advice to help you though the process.

Further details can be found on the Police Firearms Registry found here.

What are the participation requirements for maintaining a pistol license?

A category H licence holder must be a member of at least one approved pistol club and must, during each compliance period, participate in a minimum number of shooting activities of an approved pistol club.

Note, the person must participate in at least 6 competitive shooting matches as part of the required minimum shooting activities - refer table below.

There are three kinds of pistols for the purpose of minimum participation requirements:

* Air pistols

* Centrefire pistols

* Rimfire pistols

The number of different kinds of pistol a person has during a compliance period is the number of different kinds of pistol registered in their name during the compliance period. For example, if a person has 3 x air pistols, 1 x centrefire pistol and 2 x rimfire pistols registered during the compliance period, the person has 3 kinds of pistol for the purposes of determining their participation requirements.

What shooting events are held at the club?



The ”Union Internationale des Federations et Associations Nationales de Tir”, was founded by eight national shooting federations in 1907 in Zurich Switzerland. In 1921 the organisation was renamed the “Union Internationale de Tir (UIT) and then in 1947 the name International Shooting Union was adopted however it was still referred to as the UIT to avoid confusion with the International Skating Union. In 1992 the Union became known as the International Shooting Sport Federation (ISSF) as it is known today. Events are 25m Standard Pistol, 25m Centre Fire/ Sports Pistol.

2) Service Pistol

The 25 yards Service Pistol event for calbres from ·32 to ·38/·357 pistols consists of 65 shots fired at distances varying from 25 to 7 yards with the pistol holstered at the commencement of each series. Shooters must hold a current PA Holster Accreditation to compete or train in this event. PA Service Pistol targets are used for this event and set in a bank of four targets per shoot

3) Black Powder M/L Pistol

This match was accepted by Pistol Australia as from 1st July 1984, to enable Black Powder enthusiasts to practice, compete and familiarise themselves with popular International Matches presently being shot.

These rules should be read in conjunction,. Pistol Australia General Regulations and General Technical Rules for Pistol Shooting and Special Technical Rules for the Pistol Australia 25 m and 50 m Black Powder Matches. These rules as such have no relevance to MLAIC matches and should not be compared to such rules

4) ISSF Three Postion Air Rifle

The men's event is a 120 shot event, which comprises 40 shots in each of the prone, kneeling and standing positions.

The women's event is a 60 shot one, comprising only 20 shots in each of the 3 positions. The men's rifle may weigh up to 8 kg's, the women's only 6 kg. In Australia men and women shoot both events.

5) ISSF/IPC 10m Air Pistol

60 Competition shots (men and junior men 1 hour 30 minutes). 40 competition shots (women and junior women)

6) ISSF 25m Standard Pistol

4 Series 5 shots in 150 seconds. 4 Series 5 shots in 20 seconds. 4 Series 5 shots in 10 seconds

7. ISSF/IPC Sport/CF Pistol

Precision 6 Series 5 shots each series in 5 minutes

Rapid Fire 6 Series 5 shots each shot on 3 seconds per target facing.

The Club also runs an Annual Handicap Competition.

This competition allows shooters of varying standards to compete against each other by providing every competitor with a handicap for each of the shoots. This handicap helps even out the scores between competitors so as to provide a more even playing field.

Each week the first five places are allocated points and a weekly winner is announced. At the end of the competition the final three winners will be announced at the club AGM.

What firearms can be used at the range?

The club has approval for:

1) Air Pistol of a calibre up to .177

2) Rimfire Pistol of a calibre up to .22

3) Centrefire Pistol of a calibre up to .38 / 9mm

4) Blackpowder M/L Pistol

5) Air Rifle of a calibre up to .177

6) Rimfire Rifle of a calibre up to .22

Note: .45 Calibre pistols, Pistol Calibre Rifles and Shotguns can only be used at the club when participating in or practicing the Single Action Match. Shotguns may only be used on Range 1.