About Us

Our History

  • Approximately 25 years ago (1997) The Nelson Bay Pistol Club was for formed by local residents who were already active members of the Newcastle Pistol Club.
  • These members were participating in shooting competitions at Newcastle Pistol Club and met once a month at the Nelson Bay RSL endeavouring to start a local Pistol Club.
  • The Club was formed and was first known as the Nelson Bay RSL Pistol Club. The RSL allowed the members to use an unused basement area where a 3-lane air pistol range was set up by the Club.
  • As the Club grew and was incorporated it became the Nelson Bay Pistol Club. Members still travelled to Newcastle Pistol Club to compete on Tuesdays and Saturdays.
  • The first Committee consisted of members Ted Maund as President, Secretary Leighton Woods, Treasurer Terry O’Brien, Captain Reg Smee, Scorer Danny O’Brien and committee members Warren West, Bill Noach and Jason Milligan.
  • For several years The Club negotiated with the Local Council and Crown Lands for a location to site the Club.
  • In 2003 The Club signed a 20-year lease for the current site, (formerly a garbage dump) with Crown Lands, and began planning the Complex.  Warren West designed and drew up plans for The Club Complex and on behalf of the Club submitted and gained approval for 3 development applications over the next 3 years.
  • The first Development application was for a Male, Female and disabled Amenities building and septic system, which was approved in 2003 and constructed in that same year. All work was carried out with Club member voluntary labour, the amenities building was constructed at a cost for materials of just over $24,000.
  • In 2004 the club received DA approval for earthworks and retaining walls on the site. Port Stephens Council provided machinery to excavate the site. A large amount of sand was removed from the site and transported to behind the current recycling centre to build the new sporting fields there.
  • Retaining walls approximately 100m long were constructed on the site using large concrete blocks approximately 1.0m x 1.0m in size. The blocks were made from left over concrete by a local oyster farmer and a local concrete plant and cost the club $40.00 each plus delivery. Club members raised funds by carrying out raffles at the RSL Club and Members also purchased blocks for $40.00 and donated them to the Club. Total cost of materials for the retaining walls was approximately $16,000. The walls were all constructed using voluntary labour from Club members.
  • In July 2005 the Club received Council DA approval for the construction of the 4-range shooting complex and Club House.  The Club received a grant from the Department of Sport and Recreation and over the next year a small group of dedicated Club Members worked every Saturday and for the final 6 months every Wednesday and every Saturday to construct the first 2 shooting ranges on the site.
  • The club was officially opened in 2006 with approximately 40 members present and use of the facility commenced.
  • Since then, we have constructed another 2 ranges and a Clubroom area where members gather for meetings, social event, coffee and general conversation.
  • There have been five Club presidents over the years, Ted Maund, Barry Kelly, Jason Milligan, Terry O’ Brien and Warren West. We now have over 160 members, with over 100 member and visitor attendances to the Club each week.
Volunteers working to build the range
Community Trial Day
Opening Day of the Club
Party time – in the partially completed clubhouse

There is also a Collectors Club which meets twice a year and is run by Neill Gillott. For more information on the Collectors Club or collecting in general please contact the Club Secretary.

The club has conducted work to improve the club facilities throughout the years and this continues as we upgrade and maintain the premises.

We currently have four operational ranges including a range dedicated to active matches of IPSC, Single (Western) Action and falling plates.

Our Fourth and Newest Range Dedicated to Action Shooting Disciplines