Holster Training

This page has information that will assist with your holster training course. The course is divided into four parts:

  1. Initial Centre Fire club certification
  2. Learning how to use the holster and the safety requirements
  3. Learning an practicing the Service Match and its elements
  4. Undertake and successfully complete the Holster Accreditation Day arranged by the club’s certified trainer.

Before undertaking the Holster Accreditation Day you MUST have completed six Service Matches (Unrestricted).

A holster accreditation will allow you to use a holster in approved matches including Service Pistol and Action (Falling) Plates. Separate training is required prior to shooting both IPSC and Single Action if interested in these disciplines speak to your instructor.

The following documents will give you an overview of the Holster Accreditation Day requirements:

The following is a resource from Pistol New Zealand that you may find of interest, they are not documents authorized for the use of trainees for an Australian Pistol Association Holster Card. That being said they are valuable to reinforce the training you have received at the club. Any questions from these resources should be discussed with your trainer.